There is nothing impossible to accomplish if you have the will to do it.

Every piece of art is unique, mixing colors and styles that will bring out an outstanding piece of art that you will remember.

It took me so many years to decide this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. A dream come true with a burning desire to make this happen. After many rejections and doubts on why I should not be an artist; denying myself not to become one would have been the greatest mistake of my life. This is how it begins, a new journey for me and the people that support me every day.

Mayra was born in the seaside city of Callao, Peru, in 1980. Mayra is an emerging abstract artist. She focuses on expressing herself in every stroke, an idea, a dialogue between colors as her best way to communicate her thoughts. Mayra’s fascination to paint started as a child. She participated in many of her high school’s art contests and took art classes where she developed her artistic skills. She participated in local art contests among recognized young artists from the Peruvian Navy, Defense Force. After a few years of relocating to Arizona, Mayra decided to start her art career and took back the brushes, canvas, and acrylics, and started painting again. She is continuously developing her art skills and is working on the Working Artist Masterclass by Crista Cloutier. She has participated in art contests by the Circle Foundation for the Arts, an international digital platform, and ADC Fine Art, Ohio. She has published her artwork in the Contemporary Art Magazine issued by the Circle Foundation. Her work was exhibited at the Arts Comes Alive 2020 hosted by ADC Fine Art, Ohio. She is a member of the Arizona Artists Guild.

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